Jiana Energy won the title of "Show house for Quality Improvement" in Qingyuan City

Time:2022-09-09Author: Jana Energy

   Promoting Quality Change and Innovation to Promote the Construction of a Strong Quality Country "is the national" Quality Month "in September every year, and this year is the 45th Quality Month in China. On September 5, Jiana Energy won the title of "Show house for Quality Improvement" in the 2022 "Quality Month" integrity education activity held by the Qingyuan Municipal Office with strong quality and relevant units.


In this "Quality Month" integrity education activity, a total of 14 enterprises were selected as "Show house for quality improvement". The award-winning enterprises have made outstanding achievements in quality management, standard innovation, quality improvement, and promotion of outstanding performance, and will play a leading role in Qingyuan's quality improvement demonstration.


Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the guarantee of its benefits. Jiana Energy will respond to the government's call, actively participate in the Quality Month activity, strengthen the operation of the quality system, strengthen the training and promotion of the quality standard system, improve the quality awareness and product quality of all employees, and comprehensively promote the stable growth, quality improvement, and efficiency increase of the company.