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Inspection report

Jiana Energy "Supervision and Reporting Management System (Trial)

1、 Institutional purpose

Timely supervise and report internal operational defects or violations of the company, ensuring that the company operates in accordance with the law, compliance, and stability.

2、 Supervised object

All employees of Jiana Energy.

3、 Focus on the following behaviors:

(1) Disclose important company secrets, financial data, technical information, etc. to the public;

(2) Personnel receiving kickbacks, exceeding standard receptions, and fabricating the actual number of receptions;

(3) Colluding with construction parties and suppliers to infringe on the rights and interests of the company;

(4) The act of stealing company assets and disposing of them without authorization;

(5) The covert operation behavior in employee recruitment and promotion;

(6) Other behaviors that cause economic losses or reputation damage to the company.

4、 Reporting clues:

The content of the report should fall within the scope of the above-mentioned complaint report, with clear reporting targets and preliminary clues or supporting materials. It is strictly prohibited to intentionally fabricate facts and frame others.

5、 Acceptance institution

Establish a supervision and reporting management team: the chairman serves as the team leader, and the president and the vice president in charge of the audit department serve as the deputy team leader. The head of the audit department is responsible for the daily work of the group.

6、 Reporting channels:

(1) Email:

(2) Material mailing address: Jiana Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Qingtang Town, Yingde, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province; Received by Audit Department

(3) Reporting hotline: under improvement, to be further determined

The above channels are disclosed on the official website or official account of Gana Energy.

7、 Whistleblower

It can be internal employees, resigned employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

8、 Investigation Procedure

Acceptance and preliminary verification → internal filing → in-depth investigation and verification → formation of reports and feedback of results → closure and filing.

9、 Work discipline

Completely confidential and highly objective.

To gain a deeper understanding of this system, search for "Jia Na [2022] Zong Zi No. 21" on OA to obtain complete system information.