Wuhu Jiana Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiana Energy Technology") is a holding subsidiary of Guangdong Dow Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiana Energy Technology adheres to the concept of "green manufacturing and low-carbon development", has been deeply involved in the field of positive electrode materials for many years, and has built an integrated deep layout of "Indonesian nickel/African cobalt and lithium resource smelting+domestic cobalt nickel salt and ternary precursor production+battery recycling and utilization", with extremely high industrial barriers. At present, there are three ternary precursor production bases with investment scales of tens of billions each, namely Wuhu in Anhui, Yingde in Guangdong, and Longnan in Jiangxi, constructed domestically, and equipped with cobalt nickel salt production lines, with obvious production capacity advantages. At the same time, through the cobalt and nickel resource bases in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia in Africa, we have provided upstream core resource support for the company's precursor production from the resource side.

Jana Energy Technology has set up a high-quality R & D technical team including Yangfan team, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of employees, and has made core technological breakthroughs in the research and development fields of ultra-high nickel, low cobalt, cobalt-free, manganese free, NCA, core-shell and four-element precursor, sodium electric precursor, lithium-rich manganese base, etc. And was awarded the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specialized special new "little giant" enterprise, national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, "postdoctoral research workstation" and so on.

Jiana Energy Technology will adhere to the corporate vision of "talent led, R&D driven, and innovative casting of first-class new material enterprises", with the goal of "creating a global leading manufacturer of new energy material operations", continuously improving the research and development and manufacturing capabilities of ternary precursors, diversified metal products, and resource recycling, and providing customers with professional, diversified, customized products and technical service solutions, Actively promote high-quality development of enterprises and assist in the construction of the sustainable development industry chain for the entire life cycle of new energy vehicle power batteries.

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One of China's leading manufacturers of cobalt salts and ternary precursors

It is committed to creating the world's leading manufacturing operator of new energy materials