Innovative R & D

Research Result

Jiana Energy has made core technological breakthroughs in research and development fields such as ultra-high nickel, low cobalt, cobalt free, manganese free, NCA, core-shell and quaternary precursors, sodium electric precursors, and lithium rich manganese based materials; Achieve 300 new product research and development projects and 45 industrialization projects.

Cobalt carbonate

Precursor of ternary positive electrode material for 92 series high nickel power lithium-ion batteries

High Zhenshi Low Cost 55 Series Ternary Precursor

China Patent Excellence Award

Innovation Qingyuan Science and Technology Progress Award

China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award

At present, Jiana Energy has obtained 202 valid authorized patents, including 102 invention patents, 100 utility model patents, and is currently applying for 57 patents (including 3 PCTs for international publication); Registered 2 copyrighted works, participated in publishing 1 book, published 92 papers, including 18 SCI papers and 74 domestic journals. Participated in the development of a total of 69 standards, including 16 national standards, 40 industry standards, and 13 group standards.