New Starting Point · New Breakthrough | Jiana Energy Welcome Basketball Game Successfully Ends

Time:2022-08-10Author: Jana Energy

Set sail from a new starting point and embark on a new journey breaking through the waves

In order to enrich the cultural life of enterprise employees, improve their comprehensive quality, enhance communication between new and old employees, help new employees to integrate into the family of Jiana Energy as soon as possible, and improve the company's cohesion and Centripetal force, the basketball game of "Sailing from a New Start, Breaking the Waves on a New Journey" organized by the party branch of Jiana Energy was held in the stadium of Yingde Base of Jiana Energy on August 9.


On the field, there was a fierce competition between the "New Dragon Team" composed of representatives of new employees and the "Tiger Team" composed of representatives of old employees. During the competition, the team members were high spirited and actively fought; The new employees are full of energy, while the old employees cooperate well and play hard on the field. They make magnificent turns and shoot brilliantly, winning cheers from their colleagues off the field.


This basketball game has brought the distance between new and old employees closer, enhanced communication and understanding between each other, and enhanced team cohesion and collaboration ability. Through group competitions, guide and promote new employees to quickly change roles, better integrate into a new work environment, and contribute to the development of Jiana Energy.