Retirement does not fade | Jiana Energy carries out the theme activity of the August 1st Army Day

Time:2022-08-01Author: Jana Energy

No fading after discharge

Born under a red flag, growing in the spring breeze;

The national anthem rings and the red flag flutters;

That touch of Chinese red,

It is our faith and strength.


Salute to the cutest person


At the symposium, the Director of the Administration Department, Zhang An, on behalf of the company, expressed sincere greetings to the retired military personnel present. Retired soldiers and staff members spoke enthusiastically, reviewing their military careers, discussing their growth and changes after taking off their military uniforms, and freely discussing their current work experiences; Everyone unanimously expressed that in future work, we should further carry forward the glorious traditions and excellent work style of soldiers, remain steadfast after discharge, and contribute our own strength to our respective positions.


Military and civilian families are close, and Jiana Energy will continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of supporting the military and giving preferential treatment, keep up with the times, comprehensively improve the level of mutual support, and better create a warm and harmonious corporate home for retired military personnel.